Security Services

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Security Services

Cyber security is a global problem affecting organizations of all sizes in all verticals. As a result, organizations are struggling to secure their data, systems, and intellectual property. Our research made it clear that clients want simple, straightforward options to assess their risk, provide security options, assist with compliance, and continuously provide easy to consume consultative advice. We have diligently chosen several best-of-breed and emerging technology vendors that provide high-value security solutions that can be rapidly deployed and managed by the SOC. Additionally, we understand that existing investments have already been made in various deployed security tools. Therefore, we offer several options to ingest those security events into the SOC, enabling complete visibility and investigative services.

Core Services:

Managed SIEM and XDR

Managed SIEM services include deployment, management, and monitoring for several various SIEM platforms. Our appliance lineup has built in the Stellar Cyber XDR platform, making it easy to deploy network IDS, Network Detection & Response (NDR), and Network Traffic Analysis (NTA).

Deploying a SIEM solution requires extensive training and experience. We have years of experience deploying SIEM solutions and continuously optimizing the platforms based upon client environment facts and their personality.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability scanning and assessment is a core strategy needed for any organization regularly. However, while we recommend scanning for vulnerabilities every week with regular patching immediately after, not every organization is there in its cyber maturity journey.

Our vulnerability assessment includes raw data from the scanning tool(s) leveraged and our weighted opinion of the risk involved, including the severity of the risk, the likelihood the risk will occur based on the client environment, and recommendations to remediate those vulnerabilities efficiently.

Managed Endpoint

As part of the Integritas core suite, the Managed Endpoint Services includes advanced endpoint deployment services, ongoing policy and configuration management, 24x7x365 incident monitoring, threat hunting, and more.

With Managed Endpoint in conjunction with our other managed services, our partners can now take action on your endpoints, saving clients time, money, and unnecessary risk.

Penetration Testing

The primary goal of Penetrating Testing (or pentesting) is to identify weak spots in an organization’s security posture and measure the compliance of its security policy and test the staff’s awareness of security issues.

Ideally, Penetration Testing determines if a hacker were to target your network, application, or users — how successful would they be? Our penetration testing services include Network PenTest, Web Application PenTest, and Mobile Application PenTest.

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